Nganana unngu kututungka tjukurpa tjuta kanyini munula palulanguru kunpu ngarany. Nyangatja nganampa titji malatjaku ngaranyi tjana kulu kunpugku kanyintjaku nganana purunytju

In this canvas is our story. We have these stories in our heart and inside us. This makes us strong. This is for the next generation, so they can strongly hold the stories like we do.
— Nyurpaya Kaika Burton from Tjala Arts, on the APY Lands women's collaborative painting

NGANAMPA KILPILIL: OUR STARS, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Sydney 2016

Nganampa Kililpil: Our Stars is the first major survey exhibition from the artists of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunyjatjara (APY) Lands of central Australia - a partnership project between Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & APY Lands artists and art centres. 

Bringing together more than 100 artists from across the Lands, the exhibition was an important opportunity for the region to speak as a whole and to share unique cultural and artistic traditions. The richly coloured, dynamic and powerful works articulated the central themes ofTjukurpa (Law), Ngura (Country), and Inma (ceremony), telling of Anangu creation stories, the landscape and its important sites.

Visit the Our Stars website here

Image credits: Kunmanara Douglas, Brenton Ken, Willy Kaika and Mick Wikilyiri with the APY Men's collaborative. Amata, 2016, photo Rhett Hamerton